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Anyone who has traveled with any regularity will most likely have experienced one of the worst feelings to ever happen while on the road. It happens to the best of us — and will continue to happen for as long as we continue to explore the world. A GPS tracker Global Position System works by pinpointing your luggage using satellite technology to accurately ping their location to your handheld device or computer.


The Global System for Mobile communication is the most common digital cellular system in operation today. This is how your mobile phone works in most regions of the world. A GSM tracker works by using the closest cell towers to its current location.

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The advantage over GPS is that much like making a phone call indoors you can still be inside a building for the signal to get through. Always a top priority to consider as — just like mobile phones and other such devices — trackers can vary wildly when it comes to how long the battery will last.

Some trackers will come with a built-in battery you can charge from a USB or wall socket, while others will contain a power source that needs to be replaced from time to time. With many GPS or GSM trackers, operators will be wanting a yearly or monthly subscription fee from you for their services. Trackers come in all shapes and sizes, but obviously, some are a little heavier duty than others.

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Any tracker worth its salt will be sturdy and well made because it will most likely need to stand up to some rugged handling from time to time. Many come with a waterproof exterior as standard. Again, like any electronic device, retail price can range from breaking the bank to the no-frills, super budget, savers option.

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