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It is important to accept the terms before you use. Its illegal to install the app or use any of our service in unauthorized mobile.

Much to my surprise when I tried to capture audio today I never received an email notification and kept trying…after 35 minutes or so everything was back to normal which I might add works quite well!!! Thanks Damien, Glad to hear that its helpful. Hope you are able to find how to hide icon and disable notifications. Try It.. I must say to others that this app is flawless and if you are having troubles it most likely is a mistake or something youre missing on your part….

Practice on a spare smartphone and if deactivated make sure wifi is hooked and working…you should find what u are missing making your life easier…experiment and keep track of what youre doing so you can duplicate it in the same order…. This app is indeed a wonderful value to all smartphone users! However, i found one flaw on this great app. The app is still visible in the list of apps of the user phone, and whenever someone is calling them through messenger, the app notifies the user that the audio recording is currently in use, thus making the user aware of the system and able to uninstall it from the target phone.

When audio recording is initiated it will acquire the microphone and any other app will not be able to use microphone while audio recording is running in background. To block uninstall, you have to transform app to system app.

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You can do this with lucky patcher. Need root on target smartphone. I asked you for this without an answer: to open with audacity, i have to change extention from. I would like to record 60 and minutes. This is a fantastic app but with a major flaw.

Top 9 Free Spy Call Recorder Apps for Android and iPhone

Even though you can hide notifications and the app itself from the app drawer, it is still visible in the dowloaded apps section under settings. Change it to something like : android.

Google Has Been Recording Your Voice

Check it out once. I just tried the link you posted and I have to say it is better, but still has 2 issues.

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  5. The app is not hidden. Not only that, but even with admin priviledges turned on, there is an advertisement about tracking phones which is also a giveaway when you exit the app. Looks like you havnt hidden it. Where the captured audio files reside on phone? Can I retrieve the files from phone if not uploaded due to connectivity problem? Yes you can retrieve and play the file from mobile.

    RecForge Pro

    That should open the folder and you can view your files. My only complaint is that when I make a call while recording from mic after I hang up the recording stops or goes silent can you fix that??? I am speaking of the audio aspect using the mic thanks. The site was down for few hours…. Now when I am tryin to reach another audio, it doesn come on my mail! Do I need to do somethin or some problems with the server?

    I will Appreciate much if I get answear a. The server was down for some urgent OS update. Its up now. Kindly use it and let me know if you face any issue. Please integrate a quick option to send local files via Bluetooth to other devices from the app main window it would be very handy.

    Another suggestion is to create an app to handle all audio from all your apps like spy audio or spy call so all in one place would ge very handy. Thanks for the feedback ees. Calls will be recorded and kept on mobile. You can pull it anytime, only thing is the device should have internet access. If few files are not uploaded they can be requested again for pull after sometime.

    Top 9 Free Spy Call Recorder Apps for Android and iPhone

    There are apps for iPhone though. Y after i hide iqon it appear after some while and the name of program appesr in cleanmaster so my son well know and well delete what i do. When you initiate a capute audio request our server sends the command to google GCM server with your device id and message. Its up to google to deliver that message to our app installed on your phone so that the app can act on it and upload audio file. It sometimes sends instantly sometimes it takes hours.

    Kindly wait for sometime and check. Thanks for the great app..

    Amazfit Bip Button Controller

    Tou have download and update it on the phone itself. Not possible to do it remotely. Once installed you need to open, change the settings to hide icon. Very very handy and intelligent application no doubt. But it will be very very useful if I can activate the recording by sending SMS with an unique fixed key. That sms should be invisible and deleted as well.

    Because it is not possible to make sure that the internet connection is available all the time. Please add this feature to the Spy Audio if possible.

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    However I would like to thank you for such a great effort. Notifications still appear Sadly using hide version of both audio and video spy apps a notification still is generated for each recording requested, even though i turned off notifications in the app Settings tab. This on a samsung sgh phone. Please to help silence notifications or my kids will figure out how to disable these apps!

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    Will this allow app to be hidden again after unhide? Even after changing the settings to disable notification you are getting notification? Unfortunately our app is suspended from Google Play Store. But its still available on our website. Kindly download it from here directly.

    This is a great app but it works only on WiFi. I am using it on Sony Xperia mobile.